Reiki for Cancer patients, a healing tool that integrates with modern medicine

Despite availability of modern medical treatments, Cancer may mark the beginning of an end of hope for the Cancer patients. Reiki for Cancer patients comes up as an aid that puts them at ease with the ongoing treatment. Furthermore, in some of the cases if Reiki therapy is integrated with modern medical treatment, may help in speedy and smooth recovery of a cancer patient.

How Reiki for Cancer patients can do wonders?

• Reiki healing energies help in coping with cancer pain and other cancer symptoms. Cancer treatment also brings along with it, many painful and unbearable side effects. For example depression, anxiety, fatigue, vomiting, pain, difficulty in sleeping etc are some symptoms where Reiki as an energy medicine is very useful.

• Reiki puts you in control of yourself despite the challenges a cancer patient faces each moment during the treatment process. So, the most important thing Reiki does is that the patient starts believing that nothing is impossible and what you affirm, is what you achieve.

• Scientifically also, we know that stress affects our health and there is a connection between mind and body. A Reiki therapist channelizes life force healing energies or Prana shakti in Sanskrit or Reiki in Japanese into the receiver. As a result, the patient is infused with positive energies and all old negative blocks melt away.
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