Your Inner Self Needs a Holy Dip to Get Rid of Negative Emotions to Start Your Healing Journey

Your Inner Self Needs a Holy Dip to Get Rid of Negative Emotions to Start Your Healing Journey
Healing journey is a phrase that is now being referred to by most of the wellness experts, life coaches and energy healers.

So, how do we start this healing journey!

The first step towards this healing journey is internal cleansing. The way taking a bath is important, likewise is needed an internal bath for internal cleansing. Most of us, especially Hindus and Sikhs are accustomed with the concept of a holy dip. Many of us take a holy dip in sacred rivers and ponds to get rid of our sins. Also, in order to imbibe in positive energies.

But is that enough for our healing journey? Internal cleansing is like the holy dip for the soul, your inner self. This process is needed to get rid of hurts and pains, negative emotions and experiences. This internal cleansing is the first step to release your emotional pains, traumas, and fears. Only then you can embark on your journey of internal healing and eventually getting aware of cosmic consciousnesses.

A natural question that pops up! Many among us must be thinking that doesn’t praying to God heals? Yeah that heals, but in times of crisis or an extreme depressive phase our strength erodes. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time. Hence, reciting a prayer sometimes may not help. In-fact it may sometime make you feel more victimized? Don’t we many a times start crying while praying? Especially, when we are passing through a bad phase or are depressed.

We cry because we feel helpless and a week from within. Herein comes the meditation into play as an immediate savior. Mediation is known to strengthen us from within, balances our Chakras. When Chakras, the life force wheels get balanced, everything starts falling into place.

So, how do we start the meditative healing journey? The answer lies in starting you inward journey. This inward journey makes you meet the God within you. It will enable you to explore the higher consciousness. Even if these phrases sound big or over intellectual. Don’t worry. Take the plunge. Things will fall in place automatically.

Let’s come to the basic question that how do we start. The first step is controlled breathing. Controlled breathing actually is controlling of pran or vital force. Pranayama means controlled breathing. These are simple breathing techniques like deep inhaling, exhaling and also retention of breath. Pranayama techniques prepare the ground for us to initiate the process of Chakras. It is known to benefit at a physical level and also at the mental level. It raises your energy level at the physical, mental, and soul level.

The next step is getting yourself into the experience of experiencing the power of mahamantra or universal sound of Aum. Although, various Mantras are suggested by super meditation gurus. However, the prime focus should be on the initial stages to actually overcome your initial hurts and pains. Then only you would be able to experience the vibrations of other suggested mantras or sounds. Once you establish an experience with the power of Aum, you may say you do have an idea of what is meditative stage.

It is an experience and cannot be described in words. Nor do you have to feel some specific feelings or thoughts that can verify that you are meditating. It is merely a stage, where you are getting stopped from dispersion. Stopped from dispersing your energies outwards. You get disconnected from the outer world and create a connection with your own-self.

Instead you harness the positive energies inside your own being. Then these harnessed energies make you emanate a strong aura and you feel strong from within.

Reiki meditation helps you leaps and bounds towards your internal cleansing and healing. Reiki is a tool that makes your healing journey a reality. Once you are healed within, your surroundings get healed.

As it is always said, even confirmed by Yogananda Parmanansa, what you disperse out is what you receive from universe.

So stop not! Decide and start the initial steps to awaken the cosmic power within you!
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