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Reiki for Cancer patients, a healing tool that integrates with modern medicine

Despite availability of modern medical treatments, Cancer may mark the beginning of an end of hope for the Cancer patients. Reiki for Cancer patients comes up as an aid that puts them at ease with the ongoing treatment. Furthermore, in some of the cases if Reiki therapy is integrated with modern medical treatment, may help […]

Your Inner Self Needs a Holy Dip to Get Rid of Negative Emotions to Start Your Healing Journey

Healing journey is a phrase that is now being referred to by most of the wellness experts, life coaches and energy healers. So, how do we start this healing journey! The first step towards this healing journey is internal cleansing. The way taking a bath is important, likewise is needed an internal bath for internal cleansing.  […]

Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety: Make Reiki Healing & Meditation Your Protection shield!

Till now you must have read some repetitive tips for coping with Coronavirus anxiety. Some of the tips to deal with corona stress, that we frequently get to read everywhere; Taking breaks from reading Corona pandemic news, filtering out fake news, eating healthy food, interacting with friends and family, doing indoor physical activities and watching […]

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