Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety: Make Reiki Healing & Meditation Your Protection shield!

Coronavirus Healing
Till now you must have read some repetitive tips for coping with Coronavirus anxiety. Some of the tips to deal with corona stress, that we frequently get to read everywhere; Taking breaks from reading Corona pandemic news, filtering out fake news, eating healthy food, interacting with friends and family, doing indoor physical activities and watching entertainment programmes.

Also many of us must have tried most of these tips, but the anxiety, the uncertainty stays and stays!

So, what is next? Do we just keep bearing the Coronavirus anxiety and stress and look for anti anxiety drugs to depend upon?

There is ample research that the immune system gets compromised during prolonged anxiety and depression. While on the contrary, the need of the hour during this Covid-19 outbreak is to raise our immunity levels.

For coping with Coronavirus anxiety, let us go back to our roots, to Prana or Reiki or Chi or Universal life Energies or Vital Force According to our Vedic culture, it is the Prana that flows through every living being and keeps us alive. It is the imbalances in this universal flow of this Prana or vital force that manifests itself in some form of disease or mental health issues.

It is the vital force (prana) that controls everything. It is the substratum of all beings. It exists in everything and everything exists in it. Basically, our physical body is surrounded by our ethereal body. It is the interplay of our physical body, ethereal body and our surroundings that decide our well being.

How does this interplay of happen? Vibrations! Quantumn Physics will tell you about vibrations.

Everything in this universe vibrates at atomic level. Nothing is static. According to every particle has a wave nature, and hence are packets of energy. So our bodies are also packets of energies. According to principles of quantum physics, the world is full of interracting energy fields.

These are important findings because they acknowledge that biological behavior can be controlled by “invisible” energy forces, external as well as internal.

Therefore the way forward is to work on our energies at the cellular and raise our vibrations. We should make the flow of this vital force smooth and weed out all kinds of physical and mental health issues. The power lies within us and we can tap the power or life force energies by Reiki meditation.

Ways to work on our energies to deal with Coronavirus Anxiety

As a Reiki practitioner I feel that we all are raising the vibrational energies of the Coronavirus instead of life force energies amongst us.

With all the medical interventions and safeguards let us also adapt vibrational intervention through affirmations, chants and meditation.

We should all devote sometime of the day to some activity that raises are positive energies. Reiki meditation is one such kind of method. Vibrations are there everywhere. Atoms vibrate, electrons vibrate and there is amplification effect!

So what do you want to amplify? Positive vibrations or negative vibrations?
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